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Biz Internships Program Details


Role: Developer, Software Tester
Duration: 30-40 hours/week

Website & software development internship. Interns work on coding websites, testing functionality and debugging code. Projects include HTML, CSS and JavaScript development.

Tasks: Build websites, Test website functionality


Role: Visual Designer, Graphic Designer
Duration: 30-40 hours/week

Design and creative internship. Interns gain experience prototyping visual designs for websites and apps, creating graphics and illustrations for branding projects.

Tasks: Create graphics, mockups


Role: Digital Marketer, Content Writer
Duration: 30-40 hours/week

Digital marketing internship. Interns assist with content writing for blogs, landing pages and social media. They research target audiences and competitive analysis.

Tasks: Research keywords, Write blog posts, ads


Role: IT Support Technician
Duration: 30-40 hours/week

IT support and maintenance internship. Interns help resolve hardware, software, and networking issues for internal staff. They research best practices and new solutions.

Tasks: Troubleshoot hardware issues, Research solutions for IT problems


Role: Team Lead, Intern Manager
Duration: 30-40 hours/week

Intern management internship. Interns manage other interns by coordinating tasks, assigning work, providing feedback and facilitating communication between teams. Projects vary but increase in scope as intern teams expand.

Tasks: Coordinate intern tasks, Assign work to intern teams, Facilitate communication

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress knowledge Adobe suite experience Digital marketing certification or experience Previous IT help desk or hardware repair work Leadership and project management skills
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